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Finland is a country not travelled by many Indians and not too many people are aware of it as a tourist destination, its unique USPs, ( polar nights, northern lights, lakes, forests, islands, midnight sun, the home of the original Santa Claus, Arctic Circle and many more ), its features, and its sporting activities ( snowmobiles, husky safaris, reindeer safaris, ice fishing, etc. ).

Gul is young, peppy, articulate, adventurous and a travel freak. She is not only known as an actor but she is also associated with many other activities. She is passionate about travelling and blends well with any place effortlessly. During the snowmobile rides at Rovaniemi (the temperature outside was -28 degrees!!), Gul did not refuse to carry on further or stop because of the cold but did like any other Finn would have done - carried on with life - and enjoyed thoroughly!

She is least fussy with food and enjoyed the local cuisine (reindeer meat, salmon, local Arctic Char fish, trout) with pleasure.

Keeping this in mind and to promote Finland as a tourist destination, Visit Finland have invited Gul to explore Finland in winter and in summer. Visit Finland has also requested Gul to be the Honorary Ambassador and spread the word around generally about Finland in whichever platform she feels fit to talk about.

Visit Finland website

View Gul Panag's pictures from her recent visit to Finland.

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